Pet Rescue

Improving the lives of homeless pets, four paws at a time.


Although we always accept cash donations (which may be tax deductible), there are lots of other ways you can help! Volunteer, participate in a fundraiser, donate supplies or foster. Learn more about how you can make a difference on our "How to Help" page.

Our mission is to help ensure every animal that comes through Monkey's Pack Pet Rescue receives the best care possible and a forever home.
If you're looking for a new pet, look no further than our pet rescue! Whether you want a lap cat, a dog to hike with, a new family pet or even something exotic like turtles, there's a chance we can help. Our adoption page lists all animals currently available. 
How to Help

See how we help animals in need.

Check out our upcoming events, and join us to meet adoptable animals and raise funds for our organization